The A.I. product quiz and zero-party data platform, built for Shopify.
Create happy, confident customers - while driving performance and gaining unique profile data at the same time ūü§ď

Trusted by 100+ brands around the world.

Help anyone, anywhere.

Deploy Help Me Choose A.I. anywhere your customers need personalized assistance in making a purchase decision. The platform is fully responsive, and can be integrated via API or 3rd party applications.

Personalize with A.I.

Our proprietary system and the latest developments in generative A.I. produce detailed and hyper-personalized recommendations for each customer. Explaining features, relevance, pricing - anything a customer needs to make a confident purchase decision.

Profiles + unique insight.

Each recommendation generates tens of points of data - all of it volunteered directly from your own customers. Our team ensures it is easy for you to access both real-time data, and actionable insight. All detailed customer profile information is readily available to integrate into your existing data layer or 3rd party tools.

Proven results.

up to 36x
Higher sales conversion
up to 30x
Higher basket value
up to 45%
Higher customer satisfaction
"Probably the best thing I have ever used on Shopify. Made tons of sales. Love it. Get started now!"

Jane Customer