What is the Help Me Choose app & how does it drive sales?

Imagine giving your online shop a store an assistant! Always there, attentively looking to help customers as they browse your products. Asking great questions identifying customer needs and preferences before showing them to their perfect products. Well, that’s exactly what the Help Me Choose app does.

Designed to fit seamlessly into your store, matching brand colours and fonts is super simple. The tool is self configured, putting you in complete control.  Simply upload a series of questions and align the answers with your products using Shopify tags and the Help Me Choose platform does the rest. The recommendations screen clearly displays the products and explains why each one is a great option for the customer giving them the confidence to buy.

The Help Me Choose tool also comes fully loaded with an analytics dashboard allowing you to track performance and make data lead decisions. The reporting shows how and why customers are shopping your store and highlights areas for optimisation.

There’s three price plans to choose from all with fixed monthly costs making budgeting nice and simple. No matter the size of your business, the Help Me Choose tool can help you engage & educate customers, drive sales and gain valuable market insights

Turn your visitors into customers with Help Me Choose

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