How to install The help Me Choose app

Installing the Help Me Choose app is quick and easy!

The install procedure is all done through the Shopify admin, when you install the app it asks you to accept the apps permissions and then it gets added to your store. Removal is done in the same way should you wish to cancel the Help Me Choose app.

Choosing Which Page To Install The Engagement Tab

Adding the app's engagement tab to specific pages is also really easy to setup. You can choose exactly what pages within your Shopify store you want the Help me Choose app's engagement tab to appear on. You can of course add the engagement tab to every page of your store if you prefer. This option gives the app the best chance of being seen, used and growing your sales. However if you would prefer the engagement tab not to feature on certain pages then that's not an issue.

Simply go to the Settings tab within the quiz builder (it's the fourth and final tab on the top menu) and enter the URL's of all the pages you want the engagement tab to appear on. And that's it.... simple!

The tool will be live on your site when you add the page URL's into the settings tab, click save and then click the "Activate" button at the top. So make sure you have finished the configuration of the quiz and have tested the recommendations before adding your URL's.

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