How to create an engaging quiz experience for your customers

In order to ensure the Help Me Choose quiz  is successful, it has to be both helpful and interesting! Firstly, the questions first have to be relevant to the customer and to what they’re looking for. Secondly, the whole quiz experience has to be engaging enough for the customer to stick with it until the end to see the recommendations. This might sound complicated, but by utilising a few key points of best practice, we’ll explain how this can be achieved with ease.

Our expert quiz builders have been designing customer quiz’s for years and have a whole arsenal of techniques to ensure customers are engaged from the instant they click the tab to the moment they hit the buy now button. This article is designed to share these tips and tricks with you so you can create a super engaging quiz that provides a great shopping experience for your customers and delivers strong sales conversion.


The Help Me Choose tool is all about connecting with your customers and helping them to shop. We love the store assistant analogy, imagine you are the store assistant in a real bricks and mortar version of your store. How would you speak to a customer that's just walked in and starts browsing your products? If you keep that in mind whilst composing your quiz, you wont go too far wrong.

Language is super important with the quiz. This is your opportunity to engage with your potential customers and welcome them to your brand. Make sure your brand voice is clearly communicated and kept consistent throughout the quiz. If your brand is fun and friendly then make sure that is communicated through the language you use.


Again going back to the store assistant analogy, you wouldn't approach a customer and jump straight in to questioning them without saying “Hi” first would you? No, you’d probably welcome them to the store and gain some initial rapport right? So on the first screen of the tool it’s always great to welcome the customer to your store and explain how the quiz works. Something like this generally works pretty well:

“Hi there, Welcome to (store name). We’d love to help you find exactly what your looking for. Simply answer a few quick questions to help us understand your needs and we’ll take you straight to some great options”.

This simple introduction instantly adds a human touch, manages customer expectation and connects the customer with your brand

Number Of Questions

There’s no hard and fast rules here however, simplicity is key to keeping the customer engaged and the success of the quiz. With this in mind we normally recommend asking between 4 and 7 questions. However if you need to ask more questions than that to really define what the customer is looking for then do it. Data shows us that customers convert better when the recommendations are super specific so feel free to ask as many questions as you need in order to achieve that. If the products you sell have a lot of variables and in order to give great recommendations you need to ask more questions, then absolutely that is the right thing to do. However, if you dont need to ask a lot of questions to show the customer their perfect product..... then dont... simplicity is key.

Type of Questions

The Help me Choose Tool allows you to ask a variety of questions in different formats. In order to create an enjoyable, engaging experience for your customers we recommend using mix of the questions types. Simply asking a series of Yes/No questions may get you the information you need to provide a recommendation but it wont be a great experience for the customer.

Checkbox - This format allows the customer to select multiple answers. This can be really useful in understanding customer preference and need

Radio button- This format allows the customer to select just one answer (like a typical Yes/No question) and can give very clear answers. This format is super useful as it provides incredibly definitive answers and data.

Free Text - This format allows you to ask the customer a question where they have total free say on their answer. Unfortunately, at present, the free text answers cannot be taken into consideration for the recommended products. However you can view the answers customers give in the analytics dashboard making this a great question option for market research purposes. For example if you wanted to find out why your customers shop with you, you could ask something like " why are you considering purchasing a *store name" product?" and have a free text box for them to express exactly why they are visiting your store without limiting them to a couple of pre-defined answers.

Non-Recommendation Input Questions - You can use the help Me Choose tool to ask your customers questions that might not factor into the recommended products you show them, but gain you some vital market research. For example; asking a question such as “Have you shopped with us before?” wont affect the recommendation but will let you know how many of your customers are first time buyers or return customers. You can ask your customers almost anything (within reason of course) to gain insight into who they are or how and why they shop your store. A point of best practice here is to remember not to ask more than one or two of these questions in the quiz. After all, the customer wants help to find a product… not answer a survey and if too many of your questions aren't relevant to that objective, they will loose interest.

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