How to understand the performance analytics and act upon it

Having visibility of the performance of the quiz is one thing, but understanding it so you can act upon it is quite another. This guide is designed to help you gain an insight into the data provided in the analytics tab so you understand what it means and how to make decisions based on it.

You can view the data by clicking on the analytics tab within the quiz builder, it's the third tab along. Once into the analytics screen you'll be presented with a series of tables and charts that cover different elements of the quiz's performance.

First up is the Revenue chart. This chart shows you the amount (in US $) of sales that have been made through the tool (a customer was given a recommendation and they clicked through from the tool and purchased it). You can choose to view this, by week, month of the previous 3 months. By hovering your mouse on the chart on a specific date, you can see how many sales were made through the quiz on that exact day. Not only is this chart super useful to see what the quiz is directly returning financially, this information can be used to track the financial returns from certain marketing activities. For example if you ran a social media campaign targeting new customers on the 18th of May, you can see if there was an uptake in sales through the quiz on that day and the days following and attribute returns to that campaign.

The second chart is the Sales chart. This simply shows you the number of sales made through the quiz (a customer was given a recommendation and they clicked through from the tool and purchased it). Again this chart is filtered by week, month or previous 3 month view. You can hover on specific dates so you can see exactly how many sales were made on that specific day. Again a really useful way of seeing if your marketing activities are driving traffic to your store and customers are using the tool and making purchases.

If you have subscribed to one of our higher pricing tiers or are on a custom build then more advanced analytics charts will be sent via email. Data such as user numbers, completion rate, dropout point and answers to all questions is included in the more detailed reports. Our roadmap for q1 2023 includes adding these additional charts and data reports to the Shopify app so all the data will be in one place for the higher tiers.

The higher tier analytics really allow you to deep dive into the data. It also makes it super clear where things might not be working so well allowing you to make data led optimisations to improve performance.

User number shows you how many customers have used the quiz. This is an exact number and is displayed as a percentage of overall visitors to pages where the engagement tab is displayed.

Completion rate is a key metric to judging if your customers are enjoying the app and finding it useful. We aim for the completion rate to be 90% or higher. If lots of customers are opening the app then closing it before seeing it through to recommendation, it probably means they are bored or not engaged by your questions and indicates you should rethink the quiz.

Dropout point is where you will see at which question customers are closing the app and dropping out. If a particular question has a high dropout rate then try and rethingk this question. Is the question neccesary? Is it relevant? Could it possibly be offensive or excluding certain users? Is there a better way to word it?

Answers is where you can really get to know your customers and what they are looking for in your products. This is also where you'll be able to see all answers to any free text type questions you have used in the quiz. Looking into the answers your customers are giving can give you real insight into their preferences and also your products, if no-one is looking at a certain product set within your range, you'll be able to see that and could consider discontinuing it saving you money. You'll also be able to see which products your customers are most interested in allowing you to highlight them.

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