How to only show customers certain products based on their price preference

Pricing is usually a huge factor when your potential customers are choosing whether to make a purchase or not. Generally speaking customers already have a vague idea of roughly what they want to spend on something. However, there are a lot of other factors that go into this decision and we find that using the Help Me Choose app to filter recommendations by price can be very limiting.

Use With Caution

For example; a range of absolutely perfect products might not be shown to a particular customer just because they are $1 over the customers specified price point. Filtering recommendations by price also takes away the possibility for the upsell and we find that customers using a quiz to get help with choosing products prioritise having features and functions that meet their needs far higher than the product being exactly within their preconceived price range. Customers are happy to pay more for something if it does exactly what they want or need, but if you filter by price, you wont be able to show them these potentially perfect products.

However, we know in some cases using price as a point of differentiation between certain products is essential and there is an easy way to do it using the Help Me Choose app and Shopify product tags.

How To Use Pricing

  1. Define the price ranges you will ask customers to choose from
  2. Write your question into the quiz builder with the price ranges as the answers
  3. Create a Shopify product tag relating to these price ranges.
  4. Add these tags to all relevant products in your Shopify store within these price ranges (find out how to add Shopify product tags here)
  5. Add these tags to relevant answers in the quiz builder
  6. Give these answers/weightings a really high weighting (like 100) which will ensure only products with this tag will be displayed

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