How to choose the right Help Me Choose pricing plan

There are 3 main price plans for the Help Me Choose app as well as a custom build option for larger/non-Shopify customers. The Help Me Choose app is self configured for all of our 3 main pricing plans and the main differences between the plans relate to the number of monthly recommendations the tool will provide and the level of detail provided with the analytics of the tool.


Starter is our entry level plan and is the most affordable at just $29 per month. There is no limit to the number of questions you can ask or how many products you can load into the tool but you are limited to showing 100 recommendations per month. You also get a basic version of our performance dashboard. This plan is perfect for small businesses with under 1000 monthly store visits. Starter is also a great option for online retailers who only sell one type of product, such as socks for example, but have lots of different versions of their socks.


Growth is our mid tier plan and is priced at $99 per month. The growth plan gives you all of the features included with the Starter plan but the number of recommendations per month is increased up to 1000. A more advanced version of our performance dashboard is included in the Growth plan giving you more insight. Priority support is also included with the Growth plan meaning our team are on hand to help out with any issues you may have during the build or whilst your quiz is live. Growth is the perfect choice for medium sized retailers with larger product sets or those with between 1000 and 5000 monthly web visits to their store.


Pro is our most advanced plan for our Shopify platform. Priced at $299 per month Pro is aimed at larger retailers, stores with large product sets or stores with really strong monthly visitor numbers (more than 5000 visits per month). Pro comes with all the features of our Growth plan but gives you unlimited monthly recommendations and really allows you to deep dive into the data with custom analytics. This means we can build out custom data sets for you to forensically analyse how the tool is performing and how customers are shopping your store.

Custom Builds/Non Shopify Customers

Not on Shopify? Not a problem……The Help Me Choose tool is not just limited to Shopify stores or our pre-defined monthly plans. We can also custom build guided sales quiz’s from scratch. Our in-house team of journey architects can workshop with you to expertly design and build out a custom version of the tool with almost limitless options. Customised styling and features can be integrated as well and completely personalised analytics reporting. If you're thinking about adding a guided sales quiz to your site, simply reach out to and one of our team will come back to you to discuss the possibilities.

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