Understanding the recommendations screen

The recommendations screen is what your customers will be presented with when they complete the quiz. It's where the products that score highest based on their answers are displayed.

Three Products.... just the right amount of choice

The recommendations screen highlights three products. We use three products here as our extensive market research combined with ten years in the product recommender business has proved that three products is just the right amount of choice for a customer. Showing one product is taking all of the control away from the customer which results in poor sales conversion. Two products isn't really enough choice in most cases whereas three products gives choice, but not too much choice for the customer to be faced with a choice paralysis scenario.... which is exactly what we are trying to avoid here!

What Information Is Displayed?

The product in the middle of the three will be the customers perfect product, or otherwise put, the highest scoring product based on their answers. The two products on either side will be the next highest scoring products.

Each product is displayed with an image, a brief product description, the price and a buy now buy now button. This button links directly to the product page on your store where the customer can find out more information on the product and purchase it.

Should the customer wish to return to their recommendations then they just need to reopen the engagement tab and recommendations screen will be displayed.

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